quick update 8/17/14

has it been a week already?!  it’s been an exciting week for me, and i’ve been meaning to post all about it!  however, i am currently still in the midst of a whirwind of events so here’s just a quick overview of the past 7 days:

monday: work, training, family stargazing
tuesday:  thunderstorms and wine tasting in inland county
wednesday:  work and work
thursday:  more work
friday:  business seminar…

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made pancakes for my bebe this morning <3   #tbt making pancakes, it’s a throwback.

first follows!

happy sunday morning! :D
i had meant to go for a small hike this morning, but my phone died in the middle of the night so i didn’t wake up in time.  more on my morning later– this post is just a short update:

according to the notifications from the wordpress app for mobile, Aug 9 was a good day for follows – so thanks to the cool cats below for checking out my humble little blog.  click through…

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a new blog for a new chapter of life.

this is the first post of not-my-first blog.  i’ve had many blogs that saw a spasm and spurt of posts before flatlining into the internet-abyss.  this blog, hopefully, will have a fate different from those blogs of my past.  i’ve been inspired to start this blog to document my post-undergrad adventures.  and when i say adventures i’m really only referring to those things that i do in my everyday life.  i don’t have any exciting travels planned, i won’t be backpacking through europe or teaching english in japan.  perhaps like many freshly graduated 20-something year olds i’m out of school with no real solid plans.  but instead of wondering where my life will take me i want to be making decisions about where i will take my life.

it took a while but I finally did it!  I know my family might be confused because I walked in the 2013 ceremony,  but back then I still had a few classes to go.  now I have finally completed all my units and can truly say I’ve graduated from ucsd.  through all the fun times and the hard times,  even the times I thought I wasn’t gonna make it and seriously considered dropping out, i stuck it out to make my family proud and I can say today that I’m proud of my accomplishments too.  this is real life.  #lifeisgood #goodvibes #ucsd #grad

i want to find you and eat you.i want to. but i won’t. 


Vegan Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread / Recipe

roll down the window
your ruffled hair thrashing wild
like my beating heart

Anonymous asked:
Mikey, how many times every week do you


Mikey: god this is gonna bug me for the rest of my life

wurd.  best station ever hooking me up with another free show this summer to see #weezer.  #allthetickets #fm949sd #FMLsummer #thisisreallife #lifeisgood #goodvibes

epic silhouettes by @thenbhd at OAT last night. #thenbhd #blackandwhite.  thanks to @fm949sd for the free tix #FMLsummer #fm949sd and @ryan_alvarado_dtp for date night and nachos haha

i looked into his eyes
looking into mine
looking into his looking into mine.
& that’s what forever feels like.